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Modern Technology

We are using modern technology like Angular2 and HTML5 to provide an efficient high quality mobile and desktop web application.

Fully Responsive

The UI adjusts to any screen size. It looks great on your mobile device and desktop at the same time. No need to worry about different interfaces, it always looks the same.

Save time

MyRustAdmin will save you of hours of time. Start right away to completely administrate multiple servers at once regardless if you are using your PC, mobile device or tablet.


Start to communicate with your players in real time. Thanks to the WebRCON protocol used by Rust you are able to chat with your users at anytime you want to!


We offer you a variety of statistics. You don't only see details of your server, you are also able to keep track of your users to give detailed assistance in case of problems.

Maximum Performance

With Angular 2 we are using one of the most modern framework in order to give you the possibility to administrate all your servers with just one tool.

Managed Servers
Active Users
Daily Visitors

Cross Browser Support

Our tool will play nice with all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and the latest versions of Internet Explorer (9 and up).


MyRustAdmin comes packed with a great documentation which covers all the basics to get you familiar with administrating your server. It is the best way to get started.

Clean Code

The code is created with efficiency in mind. It is clean and well optimized, so you will always experience the maximum amount of performance.


MyRustAdmin comes packed with many unique components. Carefully picked and integrated to enhance and enrich the way you administrate your Rust Server.


In case you get stuck somewhere, find a bug or come accross any issue, don’t worry because we are always here to provide assistance.

Crafted With Love

We all love Rust. We payed extra attention to small details and always try to deliver the best we can in order to make your life as an administrator easier.

Professional administration tool! A pure joy to work with!
- theacid
Awesome tool! It just works on every of my devices!
- Hugendubel
You get a lot of features! Highly recommended!
- Master_rg

One tool for all of your devices. We deliver a powerful package that makes your life easier.

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