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It just works

Regardless if your are using our app on your PC, mobile or tablet: Thanks to modern technologies and frameworks we are able to provide the best user experience. You want to keep track of your server while beeing on the road? Use your mobile. You are at home and want to check if everything is allright? Use your PC. We offer you all possibilites you need!


Design & Coding

Thanks to our modern design and clean coding you get one of the most impressive admin tool that runs on every device. Angular 2 in combination with Bootstrap creates a reliable foundation which makes it possible to provide such a feature packed tool that helps server administrators in mostly every situation!


Based on Your Feedback

We got in touch with many server administrators and collected a lot of feedback. Which features do you need? What kind of statistics would you like to see? What is a good solution for a modern and handy interface? We used your feedback and created this cross-device ready tool for you, always keeping in mind the most important thing: The user.


Crafted with Love

Rust is what connects us. We all love the game but we also know its problems and issues. With this tool we payed extra attention to the small details like server- and playerstatistics in order to give you the best possibility to administrate your server. Everywhere. Everytime. We love what we do and we hope you will love it too!

Managed Servers
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Powerful and Flexible

We combined your feedback with modern technologies and created a unique and handy layout that fits all of your needs. Get direct access to the data you really need and improve the way you administrate your servers. Regardless if your are on your PC, mobile or tablet - it will always fit your needs.


Administrate your Servers

There is no need to get further external tool providers to manage your servers. You are able to get a complete overview of mostly everything with just one tool: Want to see how the amount of entities evolved in the last 30 minutes? Want to keep track of the ping of your players? All this is just one click ahead, take a look at it!

This unique tool provides an easy solution for all of your needs.

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